Proven aid for confident public speaking

Universal Prompter is a text scrolling reader for the iPhone/iPod Touch that assists with the preparation and delivery of public speaking engagements.

You can use Universal Prompter for rehearsing and delivering discourse, lectures, addresses, or any other public speeches. Furthermore, you can study poems or foreign language texts, prepare to perform keynote addresses, or even learn a part in a play or dramatic presentation. Thanks to the Universal Prompter, you never forget your lines and your speech will always stay within the confines of the time allotted.

Really Proven?

Free version of the Universal Prompter – Read-n-Talk – available at Apple AppStore from August 2010. More than ten of thousand copies of the app have been downloaded, and number of sutisfied customers raises every day.

Read-n-Talk Universal Prompter featured by Apple on Russian AppStore. Perhaps it’s because this app follows Apple's spirit: it is reliable and easy to use, it just works!

Universal Prompter Pro and HD versions use enhanced and optimized engine and provide several advanced features not available in previous free version of the app.

Overcome fear of public speaking!

Follow these three easy steps and you will have brilliant unforgettable speech:

  • Prepare the text you need to deliver, using Universal Prompter
  • With the app, rehearse your speech, adjusting speed of text flow
  • Forget public speaking fear, appear before an audience, launch Read-n-Talk on your gadget, and give a winning speech!

Basic Features

  • Automatic text scrolling saves you from having to turn over pages or scroll through text manually
  • Text flow speed tuning provides convenient reading
  • Displays estimated reading time according to chosen speed
  • Smooth text flow
  • Launch app from previous completion point
  • Manual text moving mode
  • Multiple texts storing capability
  • Huge texts support
  • Add text files using iTunes
  • Input text with keyboard
  • Paste text, copied from other apps
  • Select suitable font and size
  • Night mode support (dark background with light text)
  • Send e-mail from the app
  • In-app Facebook publication
  • May be used as simple raw text reader with flexible font adjustment


Universal Prompter HD Screenshots
Universal Prompter Pro Screenshots